About Dwindal

Welcome to Dwindal.

Dwindal is a fresh approach to tracking new and updated information on websites. Most of us find material on the Internet haphazardly via a search engine. If we want to check later to see if something has changed on a website we like, we have few options. We can create a long list of web browser bookmarks or favorites, which many of us will likely ignore. We can sign up for notifications from websites themselves, but these notifications are often vague and clutter our email with multiple notices.

Dwindal allows you to specify exactly what you are looking for on a site and will notify you in a single email.

Dwindal has three steps for you to follow:
  1. Record your keywords/terms (Dwindal calls them phrases) that you will want to track.
  2. Collect the websites you want to scan with your keywords/terms.
  3. Cross reference the group of keywords/terms to the collection of websites.

That's it. Dwindal monitors the site(s) and notifies you of results.

If you have questions, please email support@dwindal.com.