Dwindal Quick Set Up

Dwindal Quick Set Up is designed for users new to Dwindal or those whose don't need to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Dwindal.

The limitations that Dwindal places on you in Quick Set Up are:

  • Maximum of 12 keywords/terms (a.k.a phrases) per Set-Up
  • Maximum of 5 websites that the up to 12 keywords/terms will scan
  • You can't edit a Set-Up if you gone into the main Dwindal interface and connected the Set-Up (a.k.a. as Phrase Group) to an additional website collection (a.k.a. Site Group)

In reality if you point 12 keywords/terms at 5 big websites you will have plenty of entries on your Results page.

You can set up as many Set-Ups as you wish. We recommend small groups of keywords/terms pointed at a focused list of websites.

Dwindal Quick Set Up has seven steps. The Next button gives you help on Step 1.