Phrase Groups

The concept of a Phrase Group is simply a list of keywords/terms that are of a common theme. The person who decides the theme is you. The point of collecting terms together in a group that means something to you is that you can then point that Phrase Group at a Site Group (a collection of websites) and let Dwindal scan those sites for your keywords/terms.

Phrase Group Examples

Hot Stars Science Terms Politicians Goalies
- Angelina Jolie - Paleo Diet - Barack Obama - Tim Thomas
- Betty White - Alien Life - Angela Merkel - Roberto Luongo
- Michael Caine - Faster than light Neutrinos - Nicholas Sarkozy - Martin Brodeur
- Hugh Jackman     - Henrik Lundqvist

Phrase Group Rules

The follow rules apply for the main Dwindal interface. If you use the Quick Set Up feature, you have limitations.

  • You can have as many Phrase Groups as you wish.
  • Phrase Groups can be connected to as many Site Groups as you wish. Use the Set Schedule button to do this.
  • Phrases can appear in multiple Phrase Groups.
  • Phrase Group Names have to be unique. You can't name a Phrase Group the same name as a Site Group.

Phrase Group Buttons

  • Use the Create a New Group button to create and name a new Phrase Group.
  • Use the Delete This Group button to remove a Phrase Group. This action will also remove any connections the Phrase Group has with any Site Groups.
  • Use the Rename Group button to rename your Phrase Group. This action does not affect any connections to Site Groups.
  • When using the Add button, you can also choose exact match or not. For example, you will find more refined results if you have Exact Match chosen for a phrase like "James Bond."
  • The Edit Phrase button allows you to change the specific Phrase on the line. Once you have made your changes, click the Update button.
  • To remove a phrase from a Phrase Group, click on the Remove button. The phrase on that line will be removed from the group and will no longer be used in scanning. (An exception occurs if you are using the phrase in a different Phrase Group.)
  • The More ... button displays the websites that are current being scanned for that specific phrase. The More button display allows you to prevent individual phrases from being used when scanning a specific site.
  • The Set Schedule button allows you to connect a Phrase Group to a Site Group. This tells Dwindal to start scanning the sites for the keywords.

The Site Suggester button is described on the next page.