Maintain Your Profile

When you press the Profile button, you can maintain your Dwindal account.

In order of appearance, these are the settings you can change:

  • Change Username: You can change your username to anything you like as long as no one else is using it. This name is not publicly displayed on
  • New Email Address: You can change your email address associated with the account. A confirming email is sent to the new email address. Remember that you can log into the system with either your Username or Email. Email addresses are unique per Dwindal account. I.e. you can't set up a second Dwindal account with the same email address.
  • Alter Challenge Question and Answer: The challenge question is used when you have forgotten your password. Select a question from the pulldown and enter an answer to suit.
  • New Password: To change your password, you need to enter your new password twice. We recommend a strong password with numbers, letters and punctuation.

To commit any of these changes, you must enter your current password and press the Save Changes button.

If you wish to permanently close your Dwindal account, you must enter your current password and click the Close Account button.