Once you sign into Dwindal, you land on the Results page. Your most recent results for your phrases (a.k.a. keywords/terms) are displayed in summary form.

The Prev and Next buttons at the top will take you through the previous days' results at which point you can dig into the details.

There are several ways to view details.

  1. Display the web pages that relate to the phrase.
  2. Display the websites that contributed to the results.
  3. Display a phrase page (if available). This shows further summary information about the keyword. Try Hugh Jackman's page for an example.
  4. Select multiple phrases and then click the Sites or Phrases button at the bottom of the chart to display all the pages/sites for all the phrases.

After you choose the results to display, you will see links to the actual web pages. When you click on them, a new window will open.

If you want to put multiple results into browser tabs so you can work through the results gradually, do a Ctrl Click on the link.