Results Pages

The main Results page allows you to review the web pages of interest in a variety of ways. Sometimes you will look at only what websites contributed to a keyword's results or you may tackle is one or more keywords per page.

Below is a view of a result set for the actress Emma Watson. You will notice that there are two headings called Match Quality and Date Last Shown.

When we pull a webpage, we mash together the major headings of the web page. (In HTML-speak this would be tags like TITLE, H1 and H2.) If your exact keyword phrase is in our heading mash-up we flag the page as High match quality. This means that pages with passing reference to your keyword phrase is put as Low match quality.

If a web page has been flagged as modified, often for people the change is not significant or it is not as interesting as a new page. Date Last Shown is the date a web page previously appeared in your result set. We put pages that have previously appeared below new pages.

Any underlined website or web page reference, when clicked on, will open into a new window.

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