Site Suggester

Dwindal's Site Suggester feature acts as a supplement to your own knowledge about what websites you want to monitor.

For example, any serious fan of British Comedy might have Ricky Gervais on his or her list. Imagine you had a Phrase Group called British Comics with these names: Billy Connolly, Michael Palin, Ricky Gervais, Rowan Atkinson and Russell Brand.

Notice that each phrase has its own Site Suggester button. If you want to check what the search engines think the top 50 sites are for that term, press the Site Suggester button.

It is recommended that you have Site Group established in advance. In this example the associated Site Group is called British Comedy Sites.

When you press the Site Suggester button for Ricky Gervais, you might see

as suggestions. If you want to include any of these websites in any of your Site Groups, you select the Site Group from the pulldown and then click Add.

Note that you can preview the site by clicking on it. It will open into a new window.