Step 2 - Specify Your Keywords/Terms

Dwindal Quick Set Up Step 2 allows you to input your maximum 12 keywords/terms.

To add a keyword/term, type it into the box at the bottom of the list, choose if you want Exact Match, then click the Add button. (Exact Match means that all the words in the phrase have to be together. E.g. John Patrick Smith would not be found if you were looking for John Smith with exact match selected.

Also note that Dwindal does not care about upper case. I.e. JOHN SMITH is the same as john smith.

To edit a keyword/term, click the Edit button, make the changes and click the Update button. If you click on the Edit button by mistake, click the Cancel Edit to put it back the way it was.

To remove a keyword/term, click the Remove button.

The screen always shows you how many entries you have remaining.

The Next and Prev buttons take you through the 7 steps. The Cancel button will dump all work done so you can start over.

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