Step 6 - Specify Websites Part 3 . Website Suggester

Dwindal Quick Start Step 6 allows you to initiate the Site Suggester, which takes one of your keywords/terms and polls search engines for what the their most popular sites pertaining to the keyword/term.

If you see a check mark in the In Dwindal column, that means some other Dwindal user is monitoring the website.

The only thing this screen really does is let you choose which of your keywords/terms that you want the Site Suggester to look at. Once you select the keyword/term to send to Site Suggester, press the Go key.

Once the Go button has been pressed, you will see a list of websites.

If you click on the website address, it will open in a new window. To put a website into the Set-Up you are working on, click the Add button. You can put in up to 5 websites.

You can select other keywords to send to Site Suggester and press the Go button.

When you are done, press the Next button to reach the final step of Dwindal Quick Set Up.

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